REDGREGOR creates for new gods and goddesses. Born in wild faraway orchids Redgregor calls to celebrate the magic reality. Our jewellery and accessories are made of sustainable plexiglass and materials such as leather and alcantara –  pre-consumer recycled from Italian and French luxury manufacturers. In nearby future we are going to focus more on practical accessories and jewellery for men.

Made for tangable fashion in a collaboration with Ana Dering.


Photography/design: Redgregor

Hor-Aha collection

Jewellery: Redgregor
Photographer: Milda Sviridovaitė (Motherlesschild)
Make up: Kotryna Žukauskaitė
Models: Gabrielė Šalnaitė, Vainius Peleckas

Glamcult magazine
Jewellery: Redgregor
Photography: Marla Molko
Styling: Kevin Meunler
Hair and make-up: Victoria Plekhanova
Model: Nele Celmer

Ikonik collection

Photography/design: Redgregor

Double Paradox collection

Jewellery: Redgregor
Photography: Monika Mykolaitytė
Make-up: Kristina Brazaitė
Models: Laura Arctic, Miša Nkeda

Items are available for purchase at REDGREGOR shop